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Last Minute Tax Deduction Desk Sale!

Year End Tax Deduction Office Furniture From Mahogany and More

If you said yes to any of these, then you may be able to purchase a new office suite and deduct the entire amount from your 2016 taxes!

See the IRS link below and learn if you qualify for these substantial tax savings!

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Catch the best prices on office furniture during our Year-End Sale here at Mahogany and More. We are offering FREE SHIPPING AND NO SALES TAX (excluding Pennsylvania and New Jersey residents) for any office set of 3 or more pieces.

We are here to help you to "write-off" your furniture purchases as expenses on your 2016 income tax!

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Tax Free - Tax Deductible - Free Shipping

For the last two weeks of the year!

Work smarter, not harder ! End 2016 smart with tax deductible, BRAND NEW, office furniture from Mahogany and More!

Don't wait until the New Year to get a (tax) break!

Start saving today with this one tax tip:

"Write-off" your furniture purchases as business expenses on your 2016 income tax!

What Do You Need To Do?

  • Already work from home or business office
  • Buy Mahogany and More office furniture before January 1st!
  • Shop using your business income or personal income
  • Use your desk for business
  • Use your other office furniture for business

Make the most of your home office and office furniture!

For the next 15 days Mahogany & More will do its share to help by running a year-end sale on all office sets.

What Are Qualifying Property Expenses:

  • A new office set from Mahogany and More

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Small Business Deductible Office Desk w/ FREE SHIPPING

Can I Deduct My Office Desk Set?



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Year End Capital Expense Tax Saving (610) 624 - 1875 Year End Capital Expense Tax Saving

Don't wait until 2017!

Be a good taxpayer.
Remember, tax deductions ARE savings.
Recover your business expenses.
Budget more wisely with write-offs.
Take advantage of Section 179 property deductions.
Plan out your brand new home office set today and save.
Save, save, save!

What is Section 179?
"Section 179 of the United States Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. 179), allows a taxpayer to elect to deduct the cost of certain types of property on their income taxes as an expense, rather than requiring the cost of the property to be capitalized and depreciated. This property is generally limited to tangible, depreciable, personal property which is acquired by purchase for use in the active conduct of a trade or business. Buildings were not eligible for section 179 deductions prior to the passage of the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010; however, qualified real property may be deducted now."
Find more info at:

What is a Tax Break?
"Tax break is a term referring to any item which avoids taxes, including any tax exemption, tax deduction, or tax credit. "Tax break", or "tax loophole", is used pejoratively in the United States to refer to purportedly favorable tax treatment of any class of persons, as in "individuals get a tax break for so and so"."
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What is a Write-off?
"In income tax calculation, a write-off is the itemized deduction of an item's value from a person's taxable income. Thus, if a person in the United States has a taxable income of $50,000 per year, a $100 telephone for business use would lower the taxable income to $49,900. If that person is in a 25% tax bracket, the tax due would be lowered by $25. Thus the net cost of the telephone is $75 instead of $100."
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